Chidinma Ekile dead? the Nigerian singer finally gives her news

 The famous Nigerian singer, the charming Chidinma Ekile, would be deceased in a serious car accident.

Chidinma Ekile dead?  the Nigerian singer finally gives her news

The news spread like a trail powder on social networks during the day of Wednesday, October 13, 2021.

Recently converted to a gospel song, the news of the sudden death of Chidinma caused a great uproar on the web.

However quis it really? In his story Instagram this Thursday, October 14, 2021, the singer made a sign of life by posting a very funny TikTok video.

Just to show that she is indeed alive because she must have received tons of messages since this rumor.

Internet users were just confused because it would be another Chidinma who would have died and not the singer.

A sigh of relief for Nigeria and its thousands of fans.

death of chidinma

For a few hours, rumors have circulated on the web concerning the death of the Nigerian artist Chidinma.

Indeed, the artist recently announced that she gave her life to Jesus. His last musical release was also dedicated to the glory of God.

There is nothing you can’t do, the one who breaks the protocols. There is nothing you cannot do. Jehovah surpasses everything.

Everyone come and thank Jesus for me. He did what no man can do, Are the few lyrics of this song.

So we learn that the Diva lost her life under undisclosed circumstances. News that plunged his fans into deep sadness.

On Tik Tok, Internet users have made compilations of his songs as a tribute. For some, his death is inconceivable.

Is Chidinma really dead?

is chidinma death? Is Chidinma really dead?

Indeed, Chidinma is dead. But it’s not about the Nigerian artist, but rather Chidinma Ojukwu, a reality TV star who died in an accident.

As for the singer Chidinma, she is alive and well. She is also preparing a new musical release.

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