NEWS: Tiwa Savage Leak Sex Video ( Tiwa Sex Tape Leaked)

 Fans react as alleged leaked sex video of Tiwa Savage 

Tiwa Savage Leak Sex Video ( Tiwa Sex Tape Leaked)

Blackmail Suckers reply as a contended intimate videotape of Tiwa Savage, nutshells 
 Iconic Nigerian songster, Tiwa Savage, revealed during an interview with American OAP, Angie Martinez of Power105.1, that she was being blackmailed by an unknown person who hovered to release a coitus vid that featured her and her current nut. 
The Koroba songster revealed that the racketeer demanded plutocrat from her so as not to release the coitus vid but she has decided not to pay the plutocrat. 
 A many hours agone, a coitus vid blurted online. While the face of the man involved in it didn't show, the lady in the videotape bears a close resemblance with Tiwa Savage. 

Tiwa Savage Leak Sex Video ( Tiwa Sex Tape Leaked)

As the videotape has gone viral, social media druggies on several platforms have taken to their accounts to state their opinion on the situation. Utmost of the commentary have radiated from Twitter as the sonorous songster presently trends at the number one spot. So far, the issue has garnered over tweets. 
 A stoner of the microblogging platform, Elder Seun, with the [email protected], noted that despite the blurted videotape, a songster is an amazing person. 
He said, “ Because Tiwa Savage particular conditioning is exposed in public doesn’t make her different or less mortal than utmost of us. Tiwa is amazing as always and she should be celebrated for all she has done for African music!! Tiwa isn't an angel so miscalculations like this should be overlooked.” (sic). 
 Another Twitter stoner and influencer,@DrOlufunmilayo, in a thread, editorialized that the coitus vid was blurted on purpose. 
He said, “ Let’s not be wisecracked That coitus vid oohing was no mistake. And no, I ’m NOT saying Tiwa (or the woman) blurted it herself. Accessibly, the man’s face isn't showing. But the woman’s face shows 


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